ARS South Central District

The Patron Project Application

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Patrons of the SCD


We have already received the patron donations from the following Societies and individuals listed below. Everyone, and every Society, is invited to join these dedicated members.

It is a pleasure to recognize the following Societies, Families and Individuals who have already contributed:

Society Patrons:
Central Arkansas Rose Society
Golden Triangle Rose Society
Collin County Rose Society
Houston Rose Society
Corpus Christi Rose Society
Oklahoma Rose Society
Dallas Rose Society
San Antonio Rose Society
Fort Smith Rose Society
Tulsa Rose Society


Family Patrons:
Don & Paula Adlong
James & Debbie Laperouse
Ed & Jo Ann Bradley
William & Patsy McKay
Ralph & Gayle Cooper
Dennis & Renee Niklas
Clyde & Becky Davis
Robert & Rose Padilla
Eddie & Minnie Garcia
Ron & Jan Shannon
Randy & Holly Hodgins
Dennis & Anne Voss
Don & Brenda Johnson
Bill & Meg Ware
Gerald & Kathy Jones
Murray & Donna Warner
Earl & Deanna Krause
Individual Patrons:
Shelley Allen
Raymond Hicks
Debra Bagley
Robin Hough
John Baker
Syble Jeffcoat
Barbara Bertoldo
Claire Johnson
Gregory Borgert
David E. Koch
Sheryl Broussard
Carole Mainwaring
Toni Byrd
Rose Rusnam
Dale Dardeau
Jimmy Sanford
Karen Gardner
Carol Shockley
Carolyn Hayward
Norma Whitehead
Tommy Heber
Gerald Williamson